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Available Services

Massage                               Schedule Appointment here 

   Integrative Massage
       Various Swedish/relaxation & therapeutic techniques are incorporated
       to deliver a unique, restoring and rejuvenating experience. 

             30 Minutes   $50
             60 Minutes   $85

             90 Minutes   $110


   Couples Swedish/Therapeutic
       A special rate with our Integrative Massage service, for two, provided in separate
       treatment rooms.  NOTE: This option is not available for online booking
      (please call or email for appointment availability).

             60 Minutes   $150
             90 Minutes   $200

   Prenatal Massage
       Special relaxation and therapeutic techniques are used to provide unwinding
       relief during your pregnancy journey with your growing baby.

           60 Minutes  $75

   Deep Tissue Massage
       Specific techniques are used to loosen and help extract toxicity from deeper-layered
       muscle tissues.

             30 Minutes   $55
             70 Minutes   $95

             90 Minutes   $120


   Hot Stone Massage
       Heat therapy from smooth, polished, basalt lava stones are incorporated
       into this massage session for a deeper relaxation experience.
       (If you do not find availability online, please call or email us to schedule.)

             70 Minutes   $95
             90 Minutes   $120


Body Services                       Schedule Appointment here  

   Aroma-Drop Therapy
       Adapted from Young Living's Raindrop technique, several essential oils
       are used along the spine and bottoms of feet to balance and realign the body
       systems.  This service is beneficial for stress-management, immune and
       respiratory system support and inflammatory response.
       (Please call or email for appointment availability.)

             added to any Massage service   $35
             without Massage (30-minutes)  $55


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