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Integrative Massage
    Various Swedish/relaxation & therapeutic techniques are incorporated
    to deliver a unique, restoring and rejuvenating experience. 

            30 Minutes   $40
            60 Minutes   $70

          90 Minutes   $90


Moisture-Intensigrative Massage
    All-natural massage oils are infused with Shea Butter, Jojoba and
    vitamins for a super-hydrating experience (includes a special foot treat).
    Please specify Citrus-Lavender, Peppermint-Eucalyptus or

    Season-Special Aroma
         30 Minutes  $55
         60 Minutes  $80
         90 Minues  $95
 Couples Swedish/Therapeutic
    The Integrative Massage service for you both, provided in separate
    treatment rooms.  NOTE: This option is not available for online booking
    (please call or email for appointment availability).

         60 Minutes   $130
Deep Tissue Massage
    Specific techniques are used to loosen deeper muscle tissues.

         60 Minutes   $80
         90 Minutes   $100
 Hot Stone Massage
    Heat therapy from polished basalt lava stones are incorporated into this
    massage session for a deeper relaxation experience.

         60 Minutes   $80
         90 Minutes   $100
In-home (mobile) Massage
    Let me come to you with the Swedish/Therapeutic or Deep Tissue services,
    so you can remain relaxed within the comforts of your own haven
    (please call or email for appointment availability).

         30 Minutes   $45
         60 Minutes   $70 - $85
         90 Minutes   $90 - $105

Corporate/Workplace Massage
    Condensed sessions are provided on-site for the Employer's workplace to
    revive staff during their work-day. 

         Various package proposals provided upon request (via Contact Page)
Rejuvenated Stride (Feet Reflexology)
    Various techniques and pressure-point massage are applied to the feet to
    enhance internal organ and body health (includes a relaxing foot soak).

         30 Minutes   $40

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Aroma-Drop Therapy
    From Young Living's Raindrop technique, several essential oils are used
    along the spine and bottoms of feet to balance and realign the body
    systems.  This service is effective for stress-management, immune and
    respiratory system support and inflammatory response (includes a
    relaxing foot soak).

added to any Massage service   $30
         without Massage (30-minutes)   $50

Renewing Body Treatment
    This service includes an all natural skin-polishing mixture with 3-step
    exfoliation process.  Enriched with essential oils, vitamins, minerals and
    emollients that will renew, smooth and reveal new and glowing skin.
         without Massage (45-minutes)   $80
         with Massage (90-minutes)   $115



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